What's The News In Watford City?

Before the economic surge that came with the exploration in Western North Dakota, Alexander, a small town about twenty miles west of Watford City, like many Western North Dakota towns, was experiencing a population decline.

A decline in population, of course, means a decline in enrollment in area schools, and Alexander found they had to make cuts and sacrifices in their programming to adjust. These adjustments meant the need to dissolve the Comet sports program, that previously included boys and girls basketball, girls volleyball and boys football.

Today enrollment has seen a significant spike of local students and students from all over the country, which has prompted the need for an addition to the building and the resurrection of the Comet sports program to include, once again after 11 years, a girls volleyball, boys and girls basketball and after a 27 year hiatus, the Comet football team takes the field.

This feel good story has been reported in multiple national news outlets, including NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt.

Watch the segment below and Go Comets Go!

High School Football Makes Triumphant Return to Alexander, North Dakota
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

After 27 years of not having enough kids to form a team, high school football is now a source of pride for everyone in a revitalizing oil boom town.