What's The News In Watford City?

Blogger Shauna Thomas, a Maine native and mother of two who moved to Watford City over a year ago with her family to for employment started her blog, Bakken Black, to provide a place for new residents of the community to learn more about a place that seemed so foreign to her when she was first making plans to make the move.

“I created BakkenBlack.com because I feel like, for whatever reason, this region has been largely overlooked online and that our vibrant community needs to be shared with the rest of the world,” says Shauna on her “About” page

In her latest entry, “Waving with Reckless Abandon,” Shauna reflects on how her perceptions of Watford City changed once she started to get to know the community.

Additional posts by Shauna include information on events and activities in the community, shopping experiences, useful tips for moms and dads, restaurant and business reviews and keeping her finger on what’s happening in the communities near Watford City.

Read what she has to say about her experience and sentiment toward Watford City’s Larsen Service Drug, triggered by Voices of Watford’s video.

Voices of Watford-Larsen Service Drug