Watford City resident featured on Nature Valley video
Garnering over a million views within the first few days of it being posted, Watford City resident Nick Ybarra shares about his passion for mountain biking, the badlands, and his Save the


WATFORD CITY, N.D.—The North Dakota oil boom turned black gold into green for public and private interests over its high-flying run.

But now, leaders in Oil Patch cities that invested hundreds of millions of dollars to cope

Watford City is still booming even though oil growth has slowed down in western North Dakota. Check out how our community reinvested in their city by building a state-of-the-art events center and high school. You’ll also see how McKenzie

Eddie Marcy cradles a red Solo cup in his hand as he watches the Syfy Channel on satellite TV.

A lonely bratwurst lies on the stovetop after his lunch, and camouflage curtains decorate the windows. If it weren’t for the …

One couple works tirelessly to bring local families comfort, encouragement 

As the Christmas season amps up, people all over McKenzie County feel a push to share their resources and give to those not quite as fortunate. One couple has taken …

The logo emblazoned on the floor of the new Watford City high school meds to a full performance theater and a gymnasium in the public area of the building.
Watford City Public School opening bell rang Thursday with more students …