What's The News In Watford City?

“Voices of Watford City” hosted a writing and drawing contest for the students at Watford City Elementary School. We wanted to hear and see how living in a growing and changing town has impacted the lives of the kids who learn and play here. There’s so much we can learn about our community from the children.

5th grade students participated in the writing contest and 3rd grade students participated in the drawing contest.

Both classes were asked to reflect on the same question.

“What does Watford City mean to you?”

The first place winners in both grades won a $10 Gift Card donated by Six Shooters Showhall Movie Theater. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place finishers received $5 gift cards to Larsen’s Soda Shop.

All participants were treated to an ice cream party last Friday to show our appreciation for helping to tell the story of Watford City to help other families learn about their potential home.


5th grade participants


3rd grade participants

When asked if they enjoyed the contest, one 3rd grade student replied, “I did like it, but I didn’t do it for the contest, I did it to show people what was in my heart.”

You’re going to fall in love with these resilient and brilliant children, some who have moved from across oceans and tackled language barriers and some who have watched their small town change right before their eyes. But no matter their differences, they all seemed to have one common thread in their stories. They all call Watford City their home.

What Watford City Means to Me
Writing Contest 
5th Grade Winners

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 4.36.09 PM

5th Grade Winners: Erik Casazza, Lilly Chartier, Avery Arnegard, Alex Reeves, Macee Franz

1st Place
Erik Casazza

When people ask me what I think of Watford City, I think of friendship. And what I mean when I say that is love. I mean when my mom was sick people cared they didn’t ignore it. People made us food, talked to us and prayed for her. We had people help her at church. You might say it’s not a good place but please the souls are what matter. And for me I had 2 friends in Big Fork. But even them never did what half of what people do out hear. We don’t say I, we say us. And no one is alone. I have over 60 friends out hear and they spend time with me. The spirits out hear are filled with LOVE, and everyone of you are to.

2nd Place
Lilly Chartier

Living in Watford City means a-lot of different things to me. I love Watford City! I like the beautiful landscape. I’ve never saw such a beautiful landscape. The people are nice, kind, and sometimes generous. They also make the best parks to play at. The Historical sites have lots to look at. My teacher, Mrs. Dees is the best teacher ever. In Michigan there was nothing close to the sites here. I love Watford City. This is what it means to me.

3rd Place
Avery Arnegard

Living in Watford City means a lot to me. Watford City has changed from small to big lik(e) our elementary school. We also have new changes such as apartments, hotels, and many amazing restaurants. I love the hard work that everybody has done to make this change come true. I especially love the beautiful sunsets. I have mostly lived in Watford City my whole life. I want to stay here in Watford forever and ever. Living in Watford City means more than anything to me.

4th Place
Alex Reeves

Living in Watford City is different. I was used to warm weather. It’s cold a lot of the time. I was used to dark mornings, and now there’s sunrises. Every morning I wake up to see a beautiful sunrise with it’s vivid colors in the sky. I didn’t know it was great here. My dad got the job, so we afforded a house i(n) May when somebody moved out. Except we didn’t move here until August. But my dad got the job here a year before we moved here. Here in Watford City, there aren’t many trees, but there are many plains. In Watford City there are lots of people. But the best things here are the friends who care. This is what living in Watford City means to me.

5th Place
Macee Franz


I love living in Watford City. It’s my home! I have friends and family here.

My name is Macee and I am 11 years old and in the 5th Grade. I have lived here my whole life. Here in Watford City you used to know everybody and now you see a lot of new faces. It has grown so much the last couple of years. We now have new stores like Cash Wise, Cenex, and Holiday Gas Station. We also have new restaurants like Subway, Taco Johns, Chinese and Japanese. With all the new people moving here, we have more housing and jobs too. Our city has changed in many ways such as stop lights, taxis, and new streets. The best thing that comes with the oil boom is that I have met many new friends and of course, my awesome teacher.

Some of the new people that moved here don’t like it. They think there is nothing to do and that it is very small. It’s small, but not as small as it used to be. There is so much you can do like go swimming in the summer, skating/hockey in the winter, along with a lot of variety of sports throughout the year. We have many parks for families, a fishing pond, track to walk or run on, shopping, or taking a drive through the Badlands.

 I am so looking forward to what the oil boom still has to bring to Watford City. We will be getting a new School and Activity Center soon. I love living in Watford City. It is my home!

What Watford City Means to Me
Poster/Drawing Contest
3rd Grade

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 4.35.58 PM

3rd Grade Winners: Cashlynn Proffit, Aleira Hogue, Jordyn Pedersen, Sebastian Kane, Makiah Jo Fox

 1st Place
Cashlynn Proffit

Cashlyn Proffit

Text: Hearts of Watford City
Kindness: The people of Watford City are very welcoming and kind. I felt at home right away after moving here.
Friends: I like that kids keep moving here, so that I can make new friends that is one of the things that make Watford City a great place
Fun: Watford City is a fun place because there are a lot of sports and parks. There are also a lot of family activities such as the Ribfest.
Convenience: I like that Watford City is a small town so I can walk almost everywhere. I can easily get from place to place.

2nd Place
Aleira Hogue

Aleira Hogue

Text: Family: My dad worked up in ND so we couldn’t see our dad. Now we can. 
I didn’t have glasses. I have glasses now.
Different Weather. New Mexico/North Dakota
We lived close to a Walmart so we couldn’t travel. Now we can travel 🙂

4th Place
Jordyn Pedersen

Jordyn Pedersen
TextActivities, Homes, Safety (Fire Department), Cars (S&S Motors) Restaurant (Outlaws), Learning (School)

3rd Place
Sebastian Kane

Sebastian Kane

TextWhat Watford City means to me is the awesome diverse people, the different stores we have that other states don’t have and the school we have with different students and teachers. That’s what Watford City means to me.
Dad, brother, grandma, mom, me, sister, baby
We love Watford City

5th Place

Makiah Jo Fox

Makiah Jo Fox

TextWatford City
Alicia. Me. Tech. Classroom. Gym. Music
Country Place. Old Home.

There was such great perspective given from these children. Here are some of our favorites.

Notable Quotes

“Living in Watford City is fun meeting all the nice people. Also all of my family live here in Watford City.” –Logan Carns

 “The moon comes out when the sun is setting. It takes up half the sky. I have grown up here and all my memories are here in Watford City.” –Raven Reeves

 “In Watford I got to go to my first National Park. I made some friends and we went to the badlands and saw things we never heard of before like jackrabbits and mule deer. In my opinion Watford is the best city ever!”-Justice C Staton

 “Living in Watford City gives me a home town filling (feeling).” Aubrie Bean

 “When I was in preschool my parents knew about everybody. Now days my family knows about half the city. Watford City means a lot to me because my family grew up in Watford City.” –Kanyon Tschetter

 “We came to Watford City for my dad to keep his job.”-Ismael Morales

 “Watford City is known for the oilfield. Louisiana is known for their Cajun food.”-Preston Creel

 “The climate here is different here from in Florida. During the winter I could wear shorts but here I have to wear a coat and boots.”-Evander Long

 “I also love here because there are good hockey players and I’m very proud of our team because we just made history by being Peewee B1 2 times state champions. I got to play with them for 1 year and we won state 2 times in a row.”-Kiaran Joeseph Zander Olson

 “I’m here because my dad needed more business. When I first came here no one would notice me and a month later I meet this really awesome guy. And he turned out to be my greatest friend ever.” –Alexander Lundberg

 “The good thing about Watford City is I’m with my family.”-Madison Namanny

 “My dad got a job in Watford City to make more money…having my family together means a lot to me and I and my family go to the movies a lot. We also have a back yard.”-Jaxson Ard

 “There are really nice people here. They say ‘madam,’ ‘sir,’ ‘do you need help with anything?’ when we go to the store.” –Americus Garcia

 “I like Watford City because my dad has a good job.”-Elton Ray Alderin

 “I like the farmland you can see the sun come up and set and the moon.” –Trapper Bushard

 “The good thing is my mom and dad are making good money.” –Sean Bopp

 “I like to live with my dad. We like to hunt and fish. Watford City has good opportunities for that.”-Codey Houdek

 “I like how they expand because then other people can live here.” –Mia Shelley

 “(Living in Watford City) means love, heart, life, friends and family.”-Kysa Woodbury

 “It has been crazy because of the oil boom, but it has brought new grocery stores, restaurants, roads, the school expansion to Watford.”-Karsen Kling

 “I have only been here for 1 year, but North Dakota is a lot better than everywhere else I’ve been.”-Tanner

 “It’s like the whole town is a garden and it grows every day. It makes a great place to live.”-Mylee Bond

 “In Watford City, most of the people pay attention when there are kids riding on their bikes around their house….I have made more friends then I had in Montana. I have been to lots of places but I think this is one of my favorite places so far.” –Shanelle Groom

 “One of my favorite things about Watford City is the sunrises and sunsets. Also the moon looks very big sometimes it seems like you can touch it.” –Lexi Moberg

 “My family is going to sell our house and then buy a house here.”-Dede Tepsa

 “I like Watford City because you can join so many sports.”-Shaheer Kanwar

 “Animals cross through town and it makes me feel like I am camping…Some kids are from different states and cities. It makes me feel good.”-Tristen Cook

 “Things I love about Watford City is that I get to see my uncle and dad everyday.” –Natalie Quezada

 “A lot of people are coming in from different parts of the world, which is pretty cool!”-Katrina Butalon

 “The only reason we moved to Watford City is because my step dad got a really good job here. My mom loved it up here so we moved up here.” –Dominick Romero

 “There are many families who came to help with the oil boom. So, there are many kids like me, new to Watford, making it a lot easier to make friends and the kids are friendly and nice.”-Ivan Moreno

 “Some people are coming from all over the world so I have heard all types of languages. I think it’s pretty cool!”-Justine Schmahl

 “Lots has changed. It’s hard to let go of the small town that was a quiet place. I realize that it is ok to let go, or I would have never met my friends that I have today.”-Alexis Marmon

 “Here there are badlands and buttes around every corner. Every body here is friendly.”-Izaak Boekelman

Congratulations and great job to all of the students who participated. Thank you for helping to tell the story of Watford City!