What's The News In Watford City?

Welcome to the first, official blog entry on the Voices of Watford City website, where you can stay up- to-date on the exciting changes the oil development is bringing to our expanding community!  It’s no secret that the mainstream media has cast a negative spotlight on some of the more challenging aspects of the oil boom.  No need to go into detail here; we’ve all read the stories.   Unfortunately, so has the rest of the world. But what’s the reality? What’s your reality? That’s what this website is all about.

An honest and more balanced view

We want to present a more balanced and honest view of Watford City, to the residents of our ever-changing city, as well as the general public and the media. Folks contemplating a move to Watford City will want to visit, too, for unbiased opinions about the community, the schools, housing and jobs, as told in the voices of  the residents themselves.  In addition to stories featuring new businesses and updates on community initiatives, such as progress on the new school and  the $100 million dollar event center, every story will offer a nugget of insight into the lives of the people who  call Watford City home.  Oh, you’ll  recognize some of the faces; they’re your neighbors, the waitress at your favorite restaurant, maybe your child’s teacher.  Each one telling it like it is, sharing both the hard times as well as the hope in slice-of -life interviews.

The good times and the bad

Those who’ve lived here long enough know that Watford City has seen its share of good times and bad.  We’ve been through booms and busts before. Can we predict what will happen this time? No. But what we do know is that even during the tough times, people’s optimism persevered.  The sense of community remained. And the value we placed on family, friends and hard work was and will continue to be at the forefront of all we do.

Check out the videos

We hope you enjoy our first batch of videos,  and we hope you’ll check back often for updated stories, as well as take advantage of the vast number of community resources to which we’ve provided links.  We welcome your comments as well as ideas for future stories.